Céilí by Morial Gemel

Release Date: March 17, 2016


The Los Angeles music scene has not been kind to Devon Caelin. He struggles to fit in and has a streak of bad luck the length of the Sunset Strip. One rare rainy night, he drowns his sorrows from bar-to-bar, until he stumbles into an alley club called Céilí. He discovers that it’s home to a small community of mystical people making their way in the human world, and that he found it only because he is Fae himself. With mentoring from the pub’s proprietor, Eldan—a powerful Fae Lord protecting his kind in the city—Devon unearths his past and discovers his magical abilities. His life appears to be back on track—until a member of the Faerie Court is murdered and the secret of their world is threatened to be revealed.

About the Author

Moriah Gemel started writing at the tender age of seven, after her grandfather gave her her first novel. Ever since, she has been a fan of fantasy novels and decided it was high time to write one herself. Passionate about diversity in fiction, Moriah is dedicated to writing realistic romances for many audiences. Her first novel, Load the Dice, was first published as a ten-part serial. Moriah lives in Central New York with her husband, young son and two cats.