Concerto in Chroma Major by Naomi Tajedler

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Release Date: July 12, 2018


Alexandra Graff, a Californian living in Paris, is a stained-glass artist whose synesthesia gives her the ability to see sounds in the form of colors. When she’s commissioned to create glass panels for the new Philharmonie, she forms a special bond with the intriguing Halina Piotrowski, a famous Polish pianist. As their relationship develops, Alexandra shows Halina the beautiful images her music inspires. But when it comes to a lasting future together, will Halina’s fear of roots and commitment stand in the way?

About the Author

Born and raised in Paris, France, Naomi c learned to love Art from the womb when her father played guitar to her pregnant mother. Her love of books led her to a Bachelor of Arts in Book Restoration and Conservation, followed by a Master’s Degree in Art Market Management. Her first short story, “What The Heart Wants,” was published in Summer Love (2015), an LGBTQ Young Adult collection by Duet Books. In 2017, one of her flash fiction stories was published by Queer Fiction Press. She also contributed to the Cassandra Project, a collection of works sold for the benefit of Rrain. When not writing, Naomi can be found sharing body positivity tips on social media and trying recipes out on her loved ones.

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