From Darkness (ebook package)

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Details: This eBook package includes PDF, ePub, and Kindle (Mobi) files.

Length: 324 pages (est)

Release Date: November 3, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-945053-73-3


Sixteen-year-old Ari Wyndham has a secret. Her best friend, Alex, drowned at Stonehaven beach when she was nine, and nobody knows that Ari still blames herself for Alex’s death. When Ari is bitten by a tiger snake, a summoner is sent from the underworld to collect her. The summoner is Alex, who has spent the past seven years escorting souls to the underworld. They recognize each other, and Alex chooses to save Ari, even though she knows there will be a terrible price to pay for this transgression. Alex’s rebellion is dangerous; it upsets the balance of life and death, and endangers the people and animals of Stonehaven. A rift opens from the underworld, and dark magic threatens the remote coastal town. Savage dog packs roam the pine plantation and emerge at night to kill pets and livestock, fishermen catch ghostly bodies in their nets, and children go missing. And all the while Alex is hiding the truth from Ari, which is that she could be drawn back to the underworld at any time.

About the Author

Kate Hazel Hall is an #ownvoices writer of queer female YA fiction and a literary studies academic. Her debut novel, From Darkness, is forthcoming from Duet Books (the YA imprint of Interlude Press, New York) in November 2020. She has published fiction, prose poetry and creative non-fiction in journals and anthologies like HecateOverlandThe Grapple AnnualPure Slush and New Community Quarterly. Kate teaches genre studies, ecological fiction and graduate research skills at Deakin University (Geelong and Melbourne). She lives near the beach on Victoria’s rugged south-west coast, with her strong and creative daughters and their breathtakingly spoilt rescue cats.  

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