The Bones of You by Laura Stone (ebook package)

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"By the time the book ended I was in love with the characters to the point I couldn't let them go." —USA Today

"Stone’s sensitive debut… plays the relationship with restraint, letting it unfold slowly and organically."—Publishers Weekly

Foreword Reviews IndieFab Book of the Year Finalist: Romance and LGBT Fiction

Details: This eBook package includes PDF, ePub, and Kindle (Mobi) files.

Pages: 394 pages

Release Date: November 18, 2014


Oliver fumbled with his smartphone and pulled up his email. He tapped on the video link in Gus’s message and handed the phone over. It wasn’t easy to hear over the din of the crowd, but she’d get the idea well enough. “Wait for the hosts to stop talking. That’s him.”

Moira held the phone close, her head cocked to pick up the sound over the bar’s noise. Oliver watched her face, not the video. Her eyes widened as Seth began to sing, and after a moment she was smiling, entranced. 

 “Yeah, he has a tendency to do that to people,” Oliver said softly, taking a long drink.

* * *

Oliver Andrews is focused on his final months at Cambridge University when his life is up-ended with a simple email attachment: a clip from a U.S. morning new show. The moment he watches the video of his one-time love Seth Larsen, now a Broadway star, Oliver must begin making choices that could lead him back to love—or break his heart. The Bones of You is full of laughter and tears, with a collection of irritable Hungarians, flirtatious Irishwomen, and actors abusing Shakespeare coloring Oliver and Seth’s attempts at reconciliation.

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ISBN 13 (ebook):  978-1-941530-24-5

About the Author

A life-long fangirl, Laura Stone has worn many hats: actress, master gardener and computer geek, but now sticks mostly to a Texas Ranger’s baseball cap as she devotes herself to raising her children and writing full time. She began telling stories to her parents at age four. She was so successful in catching her parents’ attention that her father dislocated his back trying not to sit on her imaginary cat, Doka. She lives in Texas as proof that it’s not totally populated by hard-line right-wingers—and because that’s where the good tamales are. Follow Laura and learn more about her work at


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